September 20, 2021


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Hearing Aids – How To Buy Right

When you see an ad in the paper for something free, it’s a loss leader; they will try their best to sell you a more expensive hearing aid. Call them and ask them if you can get a copy of the free test results to take home without making a 助聽器香港.

The $379 (or other low price) Hearing Aid ad can be a bait and switch. You will get tested, (make sure and ask if there is a fee for the office visit and/or test if you do or do not make a purchase) and the tester may tell you that your loss is too severe for the inexpensive device advertised. Here’s where you’re over the counter hearing aid experience pays off. Did the ad specify if the device was custom molded or not? Is it the style you prefer? The dispenser should have a unit you can try, with your experience you will know if the amplification is going to meet your needs. If the ad says custom fitted and the style and amplification meets your needs, make them deliver. Do not pay the full amount until you receive it and try it in their office.

Some dispensers become manufacturers. They make cases (shells) the best they can in the back room and use parts purchased in a secondary market. The unit may or may not be acceptable to you; if the dispenser moves or closes it may be difficult to get the unit serviced by another dispenser.

Watch out for Brand name ads at low prices. Some manufacturers make low budget, low tech hearing aids as well as the very high quality, expensive units. There is no way you could ever tell the difference from physical appearance, just because the name is on the unit does not make it a high quality unit. Again your experience will help.

Make sure you know what free servicing means if you respond to a free servicing ad or receive that service with your purchase. You may be led to believe that it means free repairs, most often it doesn’t. Servicing is the cleaning, moisture removal and minor adjustments done in office. Repairs are most often sent to a lab. Remember that their first purpose is to sell you as many hearing aids as they can, repairs can also be expensive. Read the fine print and ask the questions. Speaking of repairs it’s interesting to note that the majority of hearing aid repairs are due to moisture or wax, often the repair is a simple vacuuming with a needle vacuuming machine all dispensers should have.