October 19, 2021


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Review: Captain Phillips

Review: Captain Phillips

For years now, there have been an enormous amount of attempts from Somali pirates looking to overtake foreign ships from all over the world who cross the waters that they see as their own. With guns, aggression and the hunger for a large financial payout, the schemes of these bands of buccaneers usually entail a strategy that they hope will net them a large ransom from the captives or the countries that employ them. Other time, some of these calculated attacks have succeeded, some have failed and some have ended with lives being lost in brutal fashion on water or on land. As Americans, the one that we’ve heard about the most involved Captain Phillips of the “Maersk Alabama.”

His run in with a quartet of Somali pirates occurred in April of 2009 when the ship under his command found itself under siege while attempting to cross the coast of Somalia to its target destination of Mombasa, Kenya. According to some, a safer route was available for the crew and the cargo ship they were aboard, but Captain Richard Phillips decided that this was the approach that he and his team of twenty men were going to take. Besides, they had the training concerning what to do in a situation if they found themselves under attack by a group of ship raiders looking to take them hostage. With all the knowledge that was given to them beforehand, nothing could have prepared them for the real thing as much as experience can.

After a while, the Massachusetts born captain who now resides in Solon Phillips Attorney  Vermont, probably wishes that he would have taken the road wish a safer journey. That’s because the same types of Somali pirates that anyone would have wanted to avoid end up being hot on the trail of his cargo ship. This ravenous throng of pirates are relentless due to their insatiable appetite to prove themselves and help improve their quality of life back home. There aren’t a bunch of opportunities in Somalia, and they figure they have to take what they can get as far as work and hope is concerned. With that being the set up for the ride of terror that Captain Phillips will have to endure, you can see that it’s a battle of desperation from both sides. One side wants to live, while the other side wants to discover life in any way possible.

In order for Phillips and his crew to save themselves from the group of four young men with bad intentions in mind, they needed to rely on ingenuity and improvisation once all of the protocol procedures are tossed out the window and rendered useless once the pirates got on board their ship. Instead of leaning on what they were taught to do, they’re going to have to play the game in a way that will bring them home safely. That’s the goal, but it won’t be that simple when you have the group of unhinged, gun toting captors as your main adversaries. With that in mind, the weaponless prisoners need someone to take the lead and guide them out of harms’ way. They find that of course, in Captain Phillips, the man who’s supposed to be leading them anyway.