October 19, 2021


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Starting Your Career in Nursing With an Online CNA Certificate

Starting Your Career in Nursing With an Online CNA Certificate

There has always been a huge demand for nurses in the healthcare industry, which is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries today. Aside from Registered Nurses, there is also an increasing demand for Certified Nurse Assistants, or CNA’s. Many people get a CNA certificate to begin a promising career in nursing.

The job of a Certified Nurse Assistant, or CNA, is similar to that of a nurse’s. However, since there is a difference in the length of training and education between the two, CNA’s must be supervised by RN’s and must treat them as their superior. Hence, the CNA is always under supervision from an RN and should report to the RN if there is any change in a patient’s condition.

CNA’s do basic nurse procedures such as giving medications to  ekg certification class patients, changing their clothes, walking them to and from the bathroom and giving them proper food to eat. They also check vital sign like temperature, blood pressure and heartbeat.

Since a CNA is considered an entry level position, it is but natural to take a CNA certification in the pursuit of advancing your nursing career to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). In any case, having a CNA certificate will allow you to work in a very rewarding field in healthcare.

An advantage of today’s modern world is the ability to earn certifications online. Thus, getting an online CNA certification is what most people choose to do. The duration of studies usually take 5 to 7 weeks with at least 75 hours of training. Online learning definitely has its advantage compared to enrolling in an actual brick and mortar school. For one, you have the luxury of studying in your own home, making your own schedule and studying at your own pace.

CNA courses, whether it is online or not, include biology, anatomy, nutrition, psychology, basic pharmacology and physiology. Since the computer will be your virtual classroom, you will connect with your instructor and classmates through chat rooms and forums. However, depending on the state you are in, you must have at least 5 days of actual hands on training in a hospital or clinic before you can complete the course. After the training and completion of your course, you must take the State Certification Exam.

There is a quick turnover for CNA’s because of their want to pursue higher degrees such as LPN or RN. Thus, the opportunities for jobs are excellent since there is always room for new CNA’s to enter the work field.

Although there are many opportunities in hospitals and health centers, it would be wise for CNA’s to look into the elderly care area for work. The elderly population in the US is a fast growing population and there are many jobs CNA’s can fill in. Places to look in are nursing homes, adult health care facilities, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes and private homes. The fact that the elderly cannot take care of themselves mean that they will always be in need of some sort of assistance.

Even though a CNA will start his or her career in an entry level position, there is surely room for advancement and growth as a nurse. Therefore, the experience and training gained by having an online CNA certification will truly be worth it in the future.