December 5, 2021


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Work From Home Businesses Through Odesk

Work From Home Businesses Through Odesk

One of the many good things that the Internet has brought upon us is that now, it allows us to do and get paid for specific tasks without leaving the comforts of our own home. The most common way to land these types of jobs is by signing up for an account in job marketplaces online.

Odesk, one of the most recognized job marketplaces works in this norm. It is free to sign up-it doesn’t matter if you’re the employer or the employee. Through the years, Odesk has built its reputation when it comes to work from home businesses or jobs that can afford to employ and manage people who are working remotely. This is the same reason why the traffic in the site is high, and the chance of your profile being drowned by several other users is very high. The principle is simple: getting hired for your first job automatically puts you above all the other users with zero Odesk work experience. This is a difficulty that a lot of Odesk users struggle with so we decided to give you a few pointers that will help you land your first job.

Work hard on your profile. Whenever you apply for a job at Odesk, hub jobs  the employers will always have one reference, and that is your profile. Since you have not done any Odesk job previously, whatever is on your profile will be the sole basis of the employer. Make sure that all fields are filled out, and be a detailed as you can when you describe the jobs you’ve had or currently have outside Odesk.

Add a portfolio. To further increase your chances of getting employed, you are also encouraged to add a portfolio of your work. This gives your employers some semblance of the quality of work that you can deliver. You don’t have to worry about not having an existing one. The most important thing is for you to be able to show the client what you can do. If your forte is in Social Media, you can simply link them to the page you currently manage. You can easily make one for Odesk, where you can upload sample works.

Never get tired of taking tests. As mentioned earlier, you and hundreds of thousands of Odesk users are on an equal footing. Impress your employers with tops scores of the tests you took, and make sure that they are relevant to the jobs that you are usually applying for. Since you have the option to show or hide your test results, be sure make the ones where you scored as high as the upper 20% are visible.

Always stay on top of your applications. You are allowed to have up to 25 applications. Work from home businesses advertised on Odesk usually last for a week. When one of your applications expires, you will receive a notification from Odesk, and it is always wise to apply for another one right away. Always try to hit your weekly application quota for better chances of landing a job.

Answer the application questions diligently. Take time to review the client’s concerns or requirements, an answer the questions in relation to those. Do not copy-paste applications because that will definitely turn off potential clients. Before you send in your application, make sure to check your answers thoroughly for typographical errors.

Complete the task before applying. Although this can be a bit tricky, this technique has a very success rate in landing Odesk users their first job. This is how it’s done-first, look for a job that can easily be done, like a product review. Complete this task and upload your completed review during your application. If you did an impressive job, you get paid, and it also gets listed as your first Odesk job.