January 18, 2022


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Cricket Score Card Tells It All

Cricket Score Card Tells It All

It was the day when history was made and as luck would have it I could not witness history live! Now nothing can be more frustrating for a cricket fans then missing out on watching an edge of the set thriller and also a historic one. Well I am still ruing my chance of missing out on watching the finals pf the Nat West Trophy in the year 2002, between England and India. Well missing something can really haunt you forever and this match turned out to be just one of that. Well I did catch up with the live cricket score from the online sites, but if you are a serious cricket fan, you will surely know how poor a substitute a cricket score card can be for such matches. Cricket score card can also be found in newspapers, but only after the match has been played.

I was hooked to the cricket score card of a cricket cricket scoring  site as I was busy working that day. Trust me I could not find any way to take out some time and see the match live, nonetheless I settled for the cricket score card. As they say something is better then nothing. So if chances are that you may miss out on catching the live action on television or on the ground due to some reason, make sure that you have access to a cricket score card, so that at least you are updated constantly about what is going on in the match. There are several online sites that provide an online cricket score card and that is the best source for you to know it all. So the next time just make sure that you are logged in to a cricket site to know it all about a match that is being played.

Cricket score card is the perfect means through which you can come to know about all aspects of the game. You can know about the team composition, about who opened the innings for a particular team, who were the strike bowlers in the team and also the same information about the opposite team as well. If you are looking at the cricket score card after a match has been played, you can see and find out several other things as well. First you get to know the number of runs scored by your team and also the individual contribution made by the players, you know about the number of wickets that fell, who took the wickets and how they were taken. This is just the perfect means for you to know the details of the match if you have missed out on watching the live action.

Cricket score card can help you in analyzing the match more closely. Well that is what all serious fans of the game love to do and if you are one of them, surely this will be no exception to you. Just make sure that you have a scorecard at hand o take all the analysis and comparison with other matches or players.